Monday, June 24, 2013


Had a busy week or so. Worked on some artwork, a family portrait for a friend of mine who wanted everyone to look like Avengers.  That looks nice. Some conceptual artwork for the return of a comic convention I used to help put on back in the day.  Dreamcon did shows in Raleigh NC and it looks like the son of two of the original promoters is bringing it back. It looks very promising and I am helping where I can. It is slated for a return in the spring of 2014.

My scanner died a few days ago, my day off to be exact. Its a Mustek 11x17 inch scanner that is really a great resource.  I was all jazzed to work on a bunch of stuff and it was gone. I had to reload the software every so often to use it and that slowly became reload the software every single time I used it. But that stopped working last Tuesday.  There was screaming and gnashing of teeth.  But Saturday I downloaded the files from Mustek (the company who made the scanner) thinking that would fix it.  It didn't. I tried several different things, several different ways but nothing worked. Then suddenly it did. I wasn't doing anything and nothing should have happened but it did. So me and my zombie scanner are back in business.

Coming soon is my next show in Winston Salem NC on July 20th. Its my first time there for a show in quite a while. Got lots of new stuff too.

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