Friday, May 30, 2014

Wendy (of course)

Issue #11 is officially ordered.  Wendy loaded the files at the library.  She always comes up with solutions.  So it is going to be here (hopefully) in time for Heroescon (I say hopefully because I am a pessimist, Ka-Blam has always made their deadlines with me).

I am sure Wendy did that because she loved me, but there is a part of me who just thinks she couldn't put up with me freaking out about it anymore.  6 of one...

So soon Issue #11 will be available.  And I will stress over issue #12.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rassa Frassa Frassa

So I spent hours trying to get issue 11 to load to the Ka-Blam website last night, and nothing.  I am disappointed, pissed off, aggravated, distraught, and depressed all in one.  I have a short time for me to get it to them so I can get it in time for Heroescon in Charlotte on June 20th.

I am pretty sure it is caused by a virus on my computer that I can't get rid of.  It makes the daily usage a pain in the ass, constant pop ups, links on every page that shouldn't be there, but take you to ads, and suddenly your web page forwards to a game site.

I don't get enough credit for not breaking the things I want to.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Breaking stereotypes

So I was wrapping up the last few pages of Intermezzo issue 11, in which I am using a lot of artwork I created for the story of Huh the Cosmic Polar Bear back in the 90's (I did the same in issues 9 &10, but with fewer pages).  I had taken a lot of these pages and rearranged panels in Photoshop to fit the page count and better layout design.  As I finished one of the last pages that I simply added a caption to an existing page, I realized something.  I forgot to include that page in the numbering of the book, so instead of a 24 page book it is 25.

So now my solutions are (a) shrink more pages so I can fit it in a 24 page book, or (b) un-shrink other pages and expand to a 28 page book (Printing makes it necessary to print in increments of four).

So just because I am a fat, nerdy guy with glasses doesn't mean that I am smart.  That is profiling, and profiling is wrong.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Intermezzo Spotting

A friend tagged me in a picture on Facebook.  Foundation's Edge, a comic book shop in Raleigh, NC near NC State's campus had copies of Intermezzo on their shelves.


That was a minor geekgasm for me.  (Minor/major)

Plus I went to Nostalgia Newstand, which is the closest comic book shop for me now.  They still have copies I took them on their shelves too.

I hope your day was good.  I've had a good one.  And Dr. Scanner isn't working, but its ok today.

Free Comic Book Day

With the Hobby Shop gone I have no plans for FCBD.  That is just as well I think.  I have been on the road a lot.  I hope to take some time off and then have a lot of new stuff available for Heroescon.  So far I am working on a couple of new print ideas, some new collage pieces, and of course issue 11.