Saturday, February 22, 2014

Off to the printer

Last night, after a couple of days of my computer not allowing me to load the files to Ka-Blam, issue 10 has been ordered. Now comes the part where I wait for the mistakes they find (I try to be an optimist, but it really isn't in my nature).

If all goes well I will have Intermezzo #10 available for Jay and Eddie's comic book convention on Mar 15th.

With that issue, The Bootooth Saga gets underway. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Rassa frassa frassa

I had planned on my newest entry to (finally) announce that issue 10 has gone to Ka-Blam for printing.  Unfortunately that is not the case ($#&!+%!!!).  I temporarily defeated Dr. Scanner (that is what I call my scanner now because it sounds so much better than just "I am having problems with my scanner").
So after I scanned and prepared everything for printing... I cannot get the file to load to Ka-Blam.  I have been fighting with this for 3 days.  Sometimes I just can't win.
Then the scanner went out again... oops, I mean Dr. Scanner has escaped.
I really hoped to have issue 10 for my next show in Winston Salem on Mar 15th, where I am going back for Jay and Eddie's next show.  We'll see.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I have completed the inks and the cover of issue 10 of iNTERMEZZO!  I have completed one inside cover, one more to go.  Then I must confront my arch enemy... Dr. Scanner! 

I have decided to call my scanner Dr. Scanner so it sounds more impressive. 
"I am having problems with my scanner... again."
"My plans have been thwarted by Dr. Scanner!  NOOOO!"

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So close I can taste it

I have started the inks for page 23 of the long overdue issue 10.  In addition to everything with snow storms, the wife's birthday (Yay Wendy), helping with a local theatre set, changing jobs, putting out The Journey of Brave Ulysses and Dyslexic Cosmic 2, doing more art prints, and attending as many cons as I can I am almost finished with Issue 10.

I have 2 pages to ink, and then the cover to paint, and the inside covers to put together.  It is finally close.

But once I am done with the art I must once again face my arch enemy... My Scanner.