Sunday, April 17, 2016

Oak City Comicon

I was in Raleigh for the Oak City Comicon yesterday with my good friend from Leather Mischief.  We both had really a good day, but never got much of a rest.  Big crowds, a lot of people looking at our stuff and a lot of people who liked it enough to make a purchase.  In a comicon, there is a lot of things for you to spend your money, so when people spend it on my art and comics I feel very grateful.

This was my best 1 day show yet.  In the past year I keep going to shows that set a new personal record.  I still have shows that I don't do well, but that is just part of the deal. 

Next week I have another show that set a new record last year, Winston Salem Comicon.  So time to try for a new personal best.

Issue 13 is at Ka-blam being printed.  I should get it back by the middle of May.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Issue 13 (and my sanity)

Issue 13 is completed (for the second time) and successfully sent to Ka-Blam, the printer (for the first time).  I somewhat learned how to use the GIMP program and completed it today.  I doublechecked it all a couple of times and then sent it.

So, issue 13 is hopefully going to be printed soon and shipped to me mid-May.  I have a lot of other projects in mind, that I can move on to now.

Monday, April 4, 2016

blah blah funk blah blah blah

Making some progress with a new software called GIMP instead of Photoshop.  We could find the case for our photoshop disc and get it installed, so I am trying a new one.  Its taking a long time, but I am making headway.  With any luck I may finish issue 13 this week and get it ordered.

Saturday I will be in Lexington, my hometown for their third annual Lexing-con.  Really want to tell people the new issue is ordered.