Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stuff... just stuff

Not much is happening. dragoncon at the beginning of the month, that was cool. Makes me think about setting up there one year, maybe... one year.

NCComicon is coming up in Nov. looking forward to that one.

Been working on issue 6 as much as i can. Work has been brutal lately, my body is trying to shut down on me. Unfortunately my schedule doesn't have time to slow down and take it easy until I feel better. I've finished inking through page 9, not bad but no where near where i want to be. Same old story.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I made it back from Dragoncon. Flying really made the trip a lot easier. Instead of spending 8 hours on the road, I spent 1 hour in the air. It cost more but was worth it.

While in Atlanta I met Stan Lee, got a couple of autographs (Avengers #4 and Avengers #63 (the second comic book story I ever read, this copy was signed by Roy Thomas- the writer, and Gene Colan- the artist). My best friend Jeff and i also got a picture made with Stan.

I took almost 400 pictures. I plan to post some of them on my Flickr page soon. I also plan on posting a lot of pictures on Facebook, so look for me there. This is my first weekend home in a month, so it will be nice to get some things done (but more importantly to spend some time with Wendy).

Back, tired, busy, and happy.