Monday, June 29, 2009

Heroescon, the postgame show

So I went to Charlotte and set up at a small press table in Artists Alley. Despite butterflies in my stomach the size of Mothra I put Intermezzo, some artwork, t-shirts out for sale, and sat behind a table to try and get the word out about Intermezzo. My insecurity about my work is very strong (to say the least) and for me to spend a weekend promoting my art and myself is very uncomfortable for me. Nathan Massengil (professional inker and great guy) gets quite a laugh when I call myself a "Self-Promoting Machine" (insert sarcasm here).

If you've never been to Heroescon (I recommend it, the people are wonderful) it is a three day show, Friday through Sunday. Friday for me was horrible, I sold one t-shirt and a sketch. No comics at all. It was pretty much every fear come to life (scratch that- every fear but snakes). After that day what little wind in my sails was gone.

But I went in on Saturday and talked to a lot of people, showed my book to a lot of them, and sold some comics (and other stuff). I got better about telling people what my work was about and making them laugh. A lot of them laughed and then walked away, but I still felt a lot better about how things were going. That day really recharged my batteries (or blew wind in my sails if you are a stickler for constant metaphors).

I have always heard that Sundays were dead at Heroescon, but it really wasn't the case for me. The crowd was smaller but i sold about the same on Sunday as I did on Saturday.

So "the Self-Promoting Machine" will be seen again, what I enjoyed most was meeting the people and the excitement that they will read my work. It was fun for me and I hope it was fun for them to read Intermezzo (e-mail me and let me know).

In sharp contrast to my weekend is my friend Stacy (Leather Mischief, she makes fun, artistic, mardi Gras like masks). She made her table cost on Friday, made a sizable bit o' cash on Saturday and then doubled it on Sunday. She made lots of superhero design masks that sold very well (including two bought by George Perez as Stacy and I tried not to embarass ourselves, and I suspect failing miserably). We saw people wearing them around, she got all kinds of questions and requests. She was practically giddy by the end on Sunday.

So, to everyone who stopped and talked, I thank you. To everyone who bought the first three issues of Intermezzo (everyone who bought comics, bought all three issues) I would like to hear from you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When I grow up...

Ok, just to clarify I'm 37 so I've grown up just about as much as I ever will (sorry Wendy, this is as good as it gets). But when I look back to my childhood and I thought about that question the only answer I ever gave was a comic book artist. When I was five years old I was certain I would make a living drawing comic books for people in a parking lot (I did not know what printing was back then, I thought every comic book was hand drawn). Now I have taken the steps to get my comic book to the public (Intermezzo, get your copy now). For the first time I am the comic book artist that five year old imagined and i am about as scared as a five year old.

I am going to heroescon in Charlotte North Carolina 9 days from now (as I am writing, not as you are reading). I have sold comics at my local store and even appeared as a comic artist at Free Comic Book Day, but this is a much grander scale. So... I will let you know how it goes.

I would like to hear from you, whether that is someone who has read Intermezzo, someone i meet as Heroescon, or another obsessed comic creator.