Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Issue #5

Issue #5 is now available on IndyPlanet and Comics Monkey! I hope they will be here (they should be)for Heroescon in a couple of weeks.

Check them out. The stories are really starting to move, and starting to get somewhere.

Post Fanaticon

Fanaticon was an amazing show. When I said it looks like they ran a tight ship I had no idea how right that was. This was Asheville's first comic book convention and they had over 3000 people in the door. walking around downtown every single business had a poster in the window or postcards about the convention. There were articles and cover stories in several local newspapers. A lot of work went into that show and it really paid off. If they have another show in Asheville, I am going to be there, without a doubt.

Friday, May 14, 2010

issue #5

Issue five is at Ka-blam. I am awaiting the digital proof to come and give the final go ahead. As always i had a problem with some computer things (big surprise), but they should be here for Heroescon in June.

I managed to stick to a pretty good schedule this time. I need to get ready for the next couple of conventions, but after that I will put myself back on it. Repeat after me...


I am packing for Fanaticon at this very minute. It's my first time doing a show in Asheville and I am looking forward to it. From the website and communications with Chance it looks like these guys run a well planned show.

I will be set up with my friend Stacy of Leather Mischief who will be selling her leather masks (superhero and artistic designs), so i should be easy to spot.

And for anyone who is checking out my website because you will be at Fanaticon, I appreciate you checking out my website and admire your thourough attitude. To show that appreciation...

If you read this and come up to my table and say "the rooster crows at sundown" you will win a free prize.