Saturday, November 28, 2009

Issue 4

I have just finished the inks on the last page of issue 4. All that remains is to paint the cover, do all of the scanning, write the intro and ending pages, upload it, and order it from Ka-Blam (maybe its not so close to being done as I thought).

But still... woohooo I'm closer than i was.

While finishing page 24 I had the tv on Snoopy come Home. All I remember from that movie when I was a kid was the No Dogs Allowed song and that it made me cry. The song was still there, but it had more than just the one line I remembered. And yes... it still made me cry.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy gobble day

Family here for thanksgiving. I gave my neice and nephew trade paperbacks of Bone and Akiko on the Planet Smoo to get them reading comics. I saw my neice reading Akiko as she went to sleep. I love that stuff.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

More stuff

Its been a while since i've written. I want to do this more often, but the time seems to fly by these days.

I've been really buckling down on issue 4, only 4 more pages to ink and then the cover. I've been drawing so much (not to mention putting in a lot of hours at work) that my drawing hand has started hurting.

I attended Roanoke Valley ComicCon last weekend. It's a good show, met a lot of good people, drew an Aquaman sketch that I was very happy with, sold some comics, got to stay with some friends, all in all a good weekend. It's the last con I have planned until December 27th when I go back for the next Charlotte Con. I'm really trying to have number 4 ready by then, but I don't know if I can get it printed in that amount of time.

I'm posting the pics of a couple of sketches from the last couple of shows. Here is Supergirl...

...and here is Aquaman from this past weekend in Virginia.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Check this out

I just found this online comic and i find it hysterical. Check it out. Anyone who is interested in older obscure characters and comic history should have a ball. But even if that isn't your thing, this is very clever and well done.

I'm not dead

I just realized how long it has been since I wrote anything. My computer at home died (no really, blue screen of death, won't even turn on anymore) so even when I had time to write I couldn't. My wife Wendy and I have an older computer set up for now until our regular one gets mailed back.

I went to Charlotte Comicon on Saturday. I actually saw someone who wanted to know when number four was coming out because he had the first three issues. It was cool to meet someone who read them, but I hated not having issue four ready. I have 10 pages left to ink and the cover to paint. I am eager to finish it before the next Charlotte Comicon on December 27th. I did a sketch of Supergirl while I was there Saturday that I was happy with. I took a picture and when I get my regular computer back I will post it.

This weekend I am attending a comic show in Salem, VA. If I see you at the show and you mention this blog I will give you a free gift (and 15 geek points).

I've been on a creative high lately, there are a bunch of ideas forming that have nothing to do with Intermezzo. Hopefully I can find someone to draw them so I don't take time away from issue 4.