Monday, March 28, 2016

Deep Blue Funk

Its been a while since I wrote anything, and honestly I don't feel like it now.  I completed issue 13, the files were ready to send to the printer, but I had an errand to run.  Loading the file and placing the order can take an hour so I left to do it when I got back.

When I got back the computer was trying to restart itself, it does that a lot.  It will take a few hours and then you can use it again.  But this time it never stopped, it tried to restart for days and then we took it in to get looked at.  Geek Squad reset the computer to factory settings, everything was lost.

We have a backup system, but I hadn't saved Issue 13 to the backup, only to the computer itself.  So Issue 13 is now gone.  I have to start over fixing the scans and prepping it.  Instead of moving on to the next project, I have to start this one over.

Not holding together well on this.  I also lost Photoshop and we can't get it reloaded.  I am trying a program called GIMP instead, but it is a lot different.  And I am not good with learning new programs (or programs I've used for a long time, or much of anything anymore).

I'm stumped.  I am trying, but it is taking a lot of effort to even try.