Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Charlotte Comicon, and stuff

Went to the Charlotte Comicon (as the title would suggest) and had a fun time. Sold some homeless superhero sketches, which seem to be getting pretty popular. Got a couple of commissions to do some so I had to come up with an idea for Booster Gold and Dr Fate on the spot. I think they turned out to be fun.

So with Charlotte, I have finished my conventions for the year. I will start again soon I am sure. I feel that I have been doing consistently better at them for a while now.

I am toying with some ideas for next year. One of the big ones I would like to do is DYSLEXIC COSMIC II, but the big issue with that is finding artists that will follow through and get it done.

Doing what I can to try and get INTERMEZZO to a wider audience, which is tough these days. People don't have much disposable income, and there are a lot of comics out there that I would like to buy but can't afford them all. So I know its not easy to try something from a guy you've never heard of, doing a book you never heard of, about characters you never heard of.

So I greatly appreciate those who give it a try, and feel overjoyed when someone comes back to buy more after trying the first one or two. So much of this compulsion of mine is trying to entertain with these stories that run around in my head. So when I let them out and someone is genuinely entertained by them, it makes me feel good.