Monday, December 30, 2013

Post Christmas update

I had a fairly relaxing holiday with Wendy. We started the day helping to feed the needy at a church lunch. Her sister and brother in law were in town to help with that, but left right after.  And then we did... nothing.  Oh boy, nothing.  This is the first Christmas since we have been married (19 years) that we didn't spend traveling to and from somebody else's house.  We missed not seeing some people but it was just nice with the both of us.

Over the weekend we went to see my mother in Lexington, NC and got to spend more time with her, so that was nice.
On a comic book related note, Lexington has its first comic book store in over a decade. Top Hat Comics is on Main St about a block from the square.  Nice guy, I hope he does well.  I of course, dropped off a few copies of iNTERMEZZO and he said he was passing them around.

I also picked up some art supplies on the way home to keep going on issue 10. I put in reorders for 5 books that I was running low of issues.

Next stop Wilkesboro Jan 18th.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Charlotte Comicon Post Show

Had a great overall weekend. Missed Wendy and didn't get much sleep, but I got to see a new comic book store in my hometown Lexington, NC.  There hasn't been one of those in years.  I stopped by and talked to them; nice guys. I also dropped off a couple issues of iNTERMEZZO. The place is called Top Hat Comics, and has some cool unique stuff.

Visited with my Mom, had a good night together and then on to the comic show.

Charlotte Comicon is called "The biggest one day comic show." I don't know if that is technically true or not, but it is very big.  Met a lot of people and sold more comics than anything else (that always makes me happy).  A couple who bought issues 1-3 in my last show in Winston Salem were there and they bought 4-9 and talked for quite a while. There names are Bobby and Suzanne (I think, I told them I am bad with names).  I always like Rick Fortenberry's shows. I also got to see Jay and Eddie, who put on the last show I did.  Sheltron Drum, who puts on Heroescon. Waki (John Wycough Who is just fun to be around, and meet some new people.  Just what a comic book show should be.

I reserved a space for a minicon in Charlotte on Jan 25th.  That means I will be in Wilkesboro on the 18th and in Charlotte on the 25th that month.  Started looking into setting my calendar early and try to plan ahead.

Oh, and I put some new pics up of costumes that I saw at the show.  Lots of fun stuff there.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Charlotte Bound

I am leaving for the Charlotte Comicon tomorrow. I am stopping in to see Mom tonight and then on the road at the crack of dawn (Ok, more like 7:30).  I've got a new art print for this one that I am excited about, and as always I've got copies of all my comics.

A day at a comic book convention is a good day.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary

To anyone who knows me, or read the covers to my comics or enough of my posts, you will have heard me mention my wife Wendy. Today is our 19 year anniversary.  I cannot stress enough how much her support has meant to me in every aspect of my life.

In the context of my comic, it would not be even remotely possible without her support.  I think all creative people have doubts and insecurities. Having someone who believes in you is the best thing you can wish for in your life.

I hope everyone has someone like Wendy in your life.  But you can't have her, I'm keeping mine.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dec update

So I have finished a new art piece as a tribute to the Great Pumpkin. I will have prints available by the next show, which is Sunday Dec 15th in Charlotte.  I have done many Charlotte Mini Cons, I hope I do as well as I have the last few.

Also trying to make progress on the 10th issue of iNTERMEZZO and my eternal battle with the scanner.  I will add more on that as it happens. I try not to be someone who posts every page or panel he finishes anyway, so I don't put up a lot from issues until they are complete.

I do miss scanning my daily sketches and posting them, that was fun.  Maybe I will get back to that someday.

So I got a few responses when I asked for people to tell me their favorite character from iNTERMEZZO. A couple of posts here, facebook and email.  Cheapshot was the character most mentioned.