Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Comic book show in Raleigh

Have a convention in Raleigh this Sunday (Dec 2nd), and recommend the show.  It is a great room to find stuff to read or collect.  A well balanced show.  I have done it a few times, it is near home so that is good, and it is always a good day (of cource ANY day at a comic book show > a good day at work).

Been working on some stories and comics (with time off for thanksgiving dinner).  I hope to have issue 9 done soon and 2 other projects to follow quickly.  It keeps iNTERMEZZO moving forward while letting some other ideas out to play.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Post NC Cmicon post

Had a great time in Durham for the NC Comicon.  My best show to date in fact.  There were 4500 people in attendance, that place was crowded!  This was the first time I ever heard a convention announcement saying the room was at capacity, there was a line outside and they couldn't get in until some people left.  Met a lot of people, sold some stuff, and just in general had a great time.  It was so busy the entire time, it was a bit tiring, but definitely worth it.  I hope this is an indicator of how well  this show will grow in the future.

Friday, November 16, 2012

NC Comicon

Going to be at NC Comicon this weekend (Nov 17 and 18) and really looking forward to it.  I will be set up with Stacy (Leather Mischief, masks and stuff) and Jason (sculptures, some steam punk stuff). 

I have new issues, number 8 which is a big turning point in the story of iNTERMEZZO, a new print that people seem to really like and lots of homeless hero sketches.

Always remember...

Day at a Comic Book Convention > Day at work

So for this show, if you meet me and say the magic phrase "Meanwhile, back at the ranch" you win a prize.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Weekend

Got back from Roanoke VA last night, it is the first time I didn't rush back after the show.  Wendy and I got to hang out with friends there and relax, and it was wonderful.  Not only that but the Roanoke Valley Comicon was the best one day show for me ever.  Money is a good thing, but it was also seeing some people I've met before and meeting some new people, had some interesting discussions and talking about ideas.  This weekend was just relaxing, inspiring, and a great escape.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Roanoke Roadtrip

Going to Roanoke VA tonight for a comic book convention in the Salem Civic Center Sat Nov 3rd.  This is one of the best one day shows around; crowds are good size and interesting to talk with, a good mix of readers and collectors, and a good size room with a lot of dealers and artists that are a good group to talk with.

On a personal note I will be spending time for the next couple of months directing a children's theatre production.  I spent almost 7 years as their Technical Director and helping out an ailing director by directing this show.  It is Schoolhouse Rock Live, an integral part of my childhood so I am looking forward to the show and working with the kids.  In honor of that, anyone who comes up to my table and says the magic phrase... "Darn, that's the End" will get a prize.