Saturday, January 26, 2013

Something a little different than comics

I am home, and with a deep breath it begins.

My days are numbered, but still I have been wishing the last five of them away.

The first thing is to remove my name tag.                                                                                                                         For two days only those who know me will have access to my name.

Next off are the clothes, I can now wear what I like and I do not like these.

Even the socks must go, down to the fuzzy remains between my toes.                                                                         I erase all evidence of my time there.

From here I see endless possibilities and potential.                                                                                                                   Sleeping late, watching movies, and a hundred other things I won’t get around to doing.

I live for two days, foolishly wishing that two days could last as long as five.                                                                        But they pass, relentlessly and mercilessly taking me back to putting on those clothes, socks, and nametag.

Then I go back, and with a long deep breath it ends.



By Brian Wingrove

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Here is an early version of issue #9's cover.  Still working on it (mostly the background color).  Wanted to put it out there.  I am very close sending this issue to the printer.

Monday, January 14, 2013


I have finished inking the last page of issue 9, and started on the cover, so I am well underway of making my goal by completing this issue and having it ordered by the end of the month.  The first weekend of the children's production I have been directing "Schoolhouse Rock Live Too" has gone by and done very well.  That is both rewarding, for seeing the kids do a great job, and a relief that this long process is nearing its end next week.  However, this play has been a wonderful experience, I used to be the Technical Director for that program for 6 1/2 years and I miss the kids, and it is a great creative outlet that I have missed.  It gave me something to look forward to to get me through work (which is not great, but this is not a blog about that).  But when it is done I will put that time into Issue 9, the second Dyslexic Cosmic issue, and a third project I've written and will begin the artwork as soon as I can.  Not to mention a print idea or two.

Hopefully all of those will be done by Heroescon in June.  If everything works out as it appears to be I WILL be set up again this year.  I missed last year because of work (Grrr) but Bear Butt Comics should be back bigger and better this time.  Its a lot but I have put off a lot and feel the need to get back full swing.

And the obsession continues.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting back on track.

I have been directing a children's theatre production that will perform this weekend and next.  It has been very fun and rewarding, but also very busy.  It has given me a good creative release from work, and has helped me lighten up lately so I am glad I did it.  I will miss it when it is over, but it will allow me some time to work on the several projects I have on my to do list.

First on the list is to finish #9.  I have moved along slowly, but have neared the finish line.  After that I have a bunch of things to pick from, but I know what order I plan on tackling them (I just get distracted easily).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The new years optimism

I've had a overall good year for 2012.  On the bad side I did not get to do as many shows as I was hoping (because of my real world work schedule, which I try not to get into), several things popped up to get in the way of working on iNTERMEZZO. I missed Heroescon which really hits home.  That was the first show I went to as a fan, and the first big show I set up at as an artist.   And I never sell as many comics as I hope (I want to sell out of everything at every single show, so its hard to be happy with a realistic goal).

But the good news of 2012, the shows i went to were good shows, and I did better at them on average than any previous year (so maybe I am getting better at this).  Including NC Comicon which was the best show for me yet. Put out some comics, and have made great progress on several others and other ideas as well.  I think creatively I am doing more and gearing toward the future. 

Here's to more progress in 2013.