Monday, August 24, 2009


As the photo page has said for quite a while that photos are coming soon, I guess that it is now "soon." My first gallery is posted on flickr, titled "Superheroes on Cellphones." I have a couple of hundred more shots of DragonCon and also a good amount from HeroesCon, so I will post more as I can. I just always found it funny to take pictures on Heroes on their cellphones, so here is a set of them. Here is the link, check them out.

There will be more soon.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


From my info on my Ka-Blam info it seems that Comics Monkey is on the way! Ka-Blam (my digital printer) is going to start their own distribution system called ComicsMonkey. Since Diamond has cut back on so much stuff (coincidentaly within a month of when I submitted Intermezzo to be carried by them. For some strange reason they did not want to carry a brand new title by an unpublished creator self publishing his comic- huh go figure). That was the height of bad timing.
So it appears that Ka-Blam is making a bar code for Intermezzo to include it in the ComicMonkey catalog. So that is pretty $%#@& cool.

I hope it is soon. I think it is a great chance for Intermezzo to reach a lot more people, but I also think it is the same opportunity for a lot of other talented creators to get their work in front of the reading audience. I hope that retailers will give it a chance. I know I have been disappointed in the Previews catalog as of late since it has been shrinking more and more.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I went to Virginia for the Capi-Con show last weekend. Jeff was the guy who ran the show was very nice and professional. He runs a good show and it had a good crowd show up for it. I talked to a lot of people (those who would stop), told them about Intermezzo, they would laugh, and then walk away.

This seemed to be a collecting only crowd. When I walked around the room, it was almost all silver and golden age books. I didn't see any newer stuff. I guess the crowd that came to that show knew what to expect and no one was interested in giving a small press comic book a try. Except for the one guy who actually bought from me, yeah... one. Talk about a depressing experience. Even Stacy (my freind who makes the leather masks) didn't sell anything. And after her extremely successful show in Charlotte, it is very surprising.

So, not a great experience for the bottom line, but not a bad show in itself. If you are looking for the older comics, its a good show for you. Not really a place to see artists or find new or underground stuff.

The next show Stacy and I are set to do is the Charlotte ComicCon on September 13th. I went to their last show just to check it out and they had a lot of artists and small press people. So I think it will be a better fit. After that is Richmond on September 20th.