Wednesday, August 12, 2009


From my info on my Ka-Blam info it seems that Comics Monkey is on the way! Ka-Blam (my digital printer) is going to start their own distribution system called ComicsMonkey. Since Diamond has cut back on so much stuff (coincidentaly within a month of when I submitted Intermezzo to be carried by them. For some strange reason they did not want to carry a brand new title by an unpublished creator self publishing his comic- huh go figure). That was the height of bad timing.
So it appears that Ka-Blam is making a bar code for Intermezzo to include it in the ComicMonkey catalog. So that is pretty $%#@& cool.

I hope it is soon. I think it is a great chance for Intermezzo to reach a lot more people, but I also think it is the same opportunity for a lot of other talented creators to get their work in front of the reading audience. I hope that retailers will give it a chance. I know I have been disappointed in the Previews catalog as of late since it has been shrinking more and more.

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