Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have tried to stay on schedule for number 6. As always other things come up, but overall I have not been doing badly with it. i now have the pencils complete and am working on the cover.

I've been doing some drawings for another Intermezzo related project, here are a couple of examples. I thought they turned out pretty cool.

Charlotte Comicon

I am getting ready to take off for another Charlotte Comicon. I have done a few of these shows in the past year, it's a nice time. I've been meeting some interesting people and hopefully getting some readers for Intermezzo.

If you read this and see me at the show, walk up to my table and say
"The eagle lands at sunrise" and get a prize.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heroescon Pics!

I just got a new photo gallery added with pictures of heroescon. Go to my flickr page and check them out. Here are a few of the people I met.
That show marked one year of me doing conventions. It really seems like a lot longer sometimes and just like yesterday other times.

You know, even though its not easy to self publish and put my work out there like that, I am very glad I did. Intermezzo is finally free from my imagination and through issue #5. Being in Charlotte again really made me appreciate being able to fulfil a lifelong dream. The biggest part of that is meeting people who have read Intermezzo and came back to pick up the newer issues.

Friday, July 9, 2010


The ever gracious Sarlyn at Redvyproductions has made some updates to the site. I cannot express my gratitude for the work she does.

I have also begun joining webrings to get bear Butt Comics a little more exposure. If that is how you found me, please drop me a line and let me know its working.

As always i am trying to come up with ways to get Bear Butt Comics and Intermezzo in front of people and give them a chace to see if they like it or not. That is really the biggest challenge of this self publishing thing is just getting it out there. Cause that whole "build it and they will come" shtick is a load of %#@$!

Heroescon is out of the way. I will be in Charlotte on Aug 1st and The Baltimore comicon on Aug 28th and 29th.