Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dec update

So I have finished a new art piece as a tribute to the Great Pumpkin. I will have prints available by the next show, which is Sunday Dec 15th in Charlotte.  I have done many Charlotte Mini Cons, I hope I do as well as I have the last few.

Also trying to make progress on the 10th issue of iNTERMEZZO and my eternal battle with the scanner.  I will add more on that as it happens. I try not to be someone who posts every page or panel he finishes anyway, so I don't put up a lot from issues until they are complete.

I do miss scanning my daily sketches and posting them, that was fun.  Maybe I will get back to that someday.

So I got a few responses when I asked for people to tell me their favorite character from iNTERMEZZO. A couple of posts here, facebook and email.  Cheapshot was the character most mentioned.

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