Sunday, November 24, 2013

Comic book show wrap up

Winston Salem was a fun trip. I was with my best friend Jeff so it was a fun ride and we were set up next to each other at the show so it made for a good convention as well.  Jay and Eddies put on a good show with a good crowd of people. I wish I could have gotten a few more comics into the hands of potential readers (but that never changes, anytime I come home with copies left I feel I could have done better) but I got to talk with a lot of con-goers who seem genuinely interested and entertained with hearing about my comics.  So thank you all for a good time, and thanks to Jay and Eddie's for putting it on.

The really neat thing about that area is that they have 3 comic stores in that area. Jay and Eddies (Who put on the show), Burke Street comics (whom I met on a trip through Winston, not too long ago and who talked to me about iNTERMEZZO and how he enjoys it) and Ssalefish (whose store is in the same spot as a Heroes Arent hard to Find satellite store that was open for a long time, and I went to semi frequently as a kid and have great memories of). For that area to have 3 stores (when my town of Wilson can have trouble sustaining one) is encouraging; that the fan base is strong, you just have to find it.

While at the show I met a guy who had read the first 8 issues and picked up the 9th. He told me his favorite character was Fire Ant.  I admit that I was a little taken aback by that. Although I think he is a fantastic design; I once had someone look at him on the cover of issue 3 and correctly guess his name, that is a successful character design.  But Fire Ant plays the part of the straight man (to use the Vaudevillian term) in the Legion of Injusticeness story, so he is not the one who I thought would stand out as a favorite.  Goes to show you how once the story leaves my head, it is then the readers story. They get to pick their favorites, and they are drawn to characters that appeal to them.
That was a great moment for me.

But that leads me to the idea... what are your favorites? Post or email me at and let me know, because now I am really curious.


  1. Brian - My wife picked up the first 3 issues of Intermezzo this weekend and I've already read them and loved them. My favorite thus far is Al the Chemist just on how and when he decides to use his abilities. Sending out a Tweet, FB, and G+ about your comic book as we speak. - Bobby (Superville Comics)

  2. Glad you liked them. Thanks for letting me know. I have your first issue as well, but have not been as good at reading it yet. Hope to see you guys at more shows, it was a pleasure meeting you.

  3. Hey, Brian,

    You know how much I love your books! Fire Ant definitely stands out, if for no other reason than his costume. It's something that would translate well as an action figure. I think my personal favorite is Cheapshot, though. I find his power funny and again, he has a recognizable look. When I think of "Intermezzo", I picture Cheapshot immediately.