Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm not dead

I just realized how long it has been since I wrote anything. My computer at home died (no really, blue screen of death, won't even turn on anymore) so even when I had time to write I couldn't. My wife Wendy and I have an older computer set up for now until our regular one gets mailed back.

I went to Charlotte Comicon on Saturday. I actually saw someone who wanted to know when number four was coming out because he had the first three issues. It was cool to meet someone who read them, but I hated not having issue four ready. I have 10 pages left to ink and the cover to paint. I am eager to finish it before the next Charlotte Comicon on December 27th. I did a sketch of Supergirl while I was there Saturday that I was happy with. I took a picture and when I get my regular computer back I will post it.

This weekend I am attending a comic show in Salem, VA. If I see you at the show and you mention this blog I will give you a free gift (and 15 geek points).

I've been on a creative high lately, there are a bunch of ideas forming that have nothing to do with Intermezzo. Hopefully I can find someone to draw them so I don't take time away from issue 4.

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