Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I made it back from Dragoncon. Flying really made the trip a lot easier. Instead of spending 8 hours on the road, I spent 1 hour in the air. It cost more but was worth it.

While in Atlanta I met Stan Lee, got a couple of autographs (Avengers #4 and Avengers #63 (the second comic book story I ever read, this copy was signed by Roy Thomas- the writer, and Gene Colan- the artist). My best friend Jeff and i also got a picture made with Stan.

I took almost 400 pictures. I plan to post some of them on my Flickr page soon. I also plan on posting a lot of pictures on Facebook, so look for me there. This is my first weekend home in a month, so it will be nice to get some things done (but more importantly to spend some time with Wendy).

Back, tired, busy, and happy.

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