Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Breaking stereotypes

So I was wrapping up the last few pages of Intermezzo issue 11, in which I am using a lot of artwork I created for the story of Huh the Cosmic Polar Bear back in the 90's (I did the same in issues 9 &10, but with fewer pages).  I had taken a lot of these pages and rearranged panels in Photoshop to fit the page count and better layout design.  As I finished one of the last pages that I simply added a caption to an existing page, I realized something.  I forgot to include that page in the numbering of the book, so instead of a 24 page book it is 25.

So now my solutions are (a) shrink more pages so I can fit it in a 24 page book, or (b) un-shrink other pages and expand to a 28 page book (Printing makes it necessary to print in increments of four).

So just because I am a fat, nerdy guy with glasses doesn't mean that I am smart.  That is profiling, and profiling is wrong.

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