Monday, July 21, 2014

Shows, Shakespeare and stuff

I went to Winston Salem for Jay and Eddie's Comic Book Show on Saturday.  Had a nice time, saw a lot of people I knew, that is getting to be a real favorite thing of mine.  I try to socialize more with the people I meet at shows (instead of just jumping back on the road for the long ride home), and I am getting better about that.  Comics (or at least making mine) has always been such a solitary and private thing, I think I overlooked the social aspect of it all.  Just keeping in touch with people you see at shows makes it a lot different.  I made a point of that in Heroescon last month and then again in Winston Salem on Saturday.  Glad I did.

Now I have a production to finish here.  The Complete Works of William Shakespeare is a play I am directing here in Wilson, NC.  That has been a lot of fun and hard work getting together.  But I have a great group of people working on it and it is going to be an amazing show.  A different creative vibe flowing.

The next shows I have are Winston Salem and Greenville, NC.  More details to follow.

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