Sunday, March 23, 2014

Unhappy Comics

I went with my wife Wendy and a friend yesterday to get comics from someone.  Her son collected comics from the 90s through 2009 when he died.  There were so many of them she was just giving them away to whoever would take some.  We pulled up in our van and loaded everything she had and took them away.  A nice guy I have met on several occasions told me about it, so I called her and said I'd take care of it.

And its not because I thought this was going to be a gold mine, it's not.  That time period has no big collector's appeal, resell on them will be nominal and offset by the time it will take to organize it and sort through the roughly 6,000 books we have that are stacked in no order in huge cardboard moving boxes.  The big reason I called her and took on a van load of comics is the thought that somewhere, there was a person who was being made unhappy by comic books, and that made me sad.

Comics have been a great joy in my life, that joy has translated into me making my own and publishing it just to make those stories.  The thought that someone had these huge boxes full of comics, and they were causing that person to be upset just made feel like I should help.

So Wendy and I sorted through the first 2 small boxes we had last night, and she was organizing and sorting (so she was happy) and I was looking at a huge amount of stuff I haven't read (so I was happy).  It was just a good night.

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