Sunday, July 21, 2013

Great 1 day show, its not Comicon but it will do for me (for now)

So, no I did not go to San Diego.  It is funny how many people who are not regular comic readers have asked me if I was going to San Diego for Comicon.  Its nice that it has pierced the public's perception so that I don't have to explain what a comic book convention is so often.

But I did go to a convention in Winston Salem Saturday.  Had a good trip with a friend of mine, talked to a lot of good people, and sold a good amount of stuff.  And it was a wide variety of stuff is what makes me happy; comics, sketches, prints, and other art/ crafty stuff .  I met a lot of different types of people who wanted to give my stuff a try, it was very encouraging.

Thank you Winston Salem, Jay and Eddie for putting on the show, Burke Street Comics for the words of encouragement, Rick Fortenberry just cause it was good to see you, and the Hobby Shop of Wilson for sharing the space.

NEXT weekend is  Rob Con in Bristol, TN.  I have the rather new sensation of needing to replenish my stock on some things. How cool is that?

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