Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Days off, road trips and comic book stores.

For my day off yesterday I went to Winston Salem, NC with my wife (who was going for business).  While she was in her meeting I went around to every comic book store I could find.

In all I found 5, but one was closed.  I dropped off copies of iNTERMEZZO and DYSLEXIC COSMIC for them to peruse and pass around.  They all were genuinely nice and all seemed interested.  I was quite happy, that is a day well spent.

And of course I bought stuff everywhere I went.  Here is a pic.
Burke street comics was my first stop.  Had a great conversation about Avengers and a con I had done with him earlier, hope to be back there soon.  Bought some old Defenders and Captain America comics.
Ssalefish was next, got an old Adventures into the Unknown comic (love the sort of stuff you can't find anymore, classic sci fi and the like) and The Metal Men (who are just fun characters that don't get used enough.
Went to Infinity Comics, but they were closed.  Darn.  But it looks like they will be having a convention soon, Yay.
In Greensboro Wendy and I went to Parts Unknown which had a lot of cool books that I could go broke on very quickly.  Hardcover art books and the like, very cool stuff, nice store.  Picked up The Death of Captain Marvel, which I have always wanted and an EC Comic reprint (again, cool old stuff).
The last store was ACME comics, that is a nice, big store with a lot of stuff.  Got a Marvel team up book and a Brave and the Bold where Batman and Plastic Man team up to save Christmas (cannot get any better than that).  And the big prize was a Captain Marvel comic ...not Shazam, not the Kree guy, but an obscure book that used the name in between. Since they have characters named Dr. Strange, and Dr. Fate I assume they had no fear of litigation (hiding in a basement perhaps).
So that was my day.  And what a good one it was.

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