Monday, October 17, 2016

Fayetteville comicon

Haven't posted lately and a lot has happened.  In particular, a hurricane.  After a nice relaxing vacation with the wife, we came home in time for Hurricane Matthew.
It caused a lot of damage and flooding, but we were very lucky and didn't have anything major.  We know some friends who had significant issues, and there are building about 2 miles from our house that were completely flooded out.

While waiting for things to normalize, Fayetteville Comicon went on this past weekend.  I think it was a nice diversion, Fayetteville was hit hard too.  Others seemed to have the same idea, as attendance was very high.  It was a very good weekend for me, and I got to talk to friends for a couple of days while showing people my art and comics.  That's getting things back to normal for me.

Next stop Roanoke, VA.

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