Saturday, August 22, 2015


So, been going to work... working on some sketch cards for conventions... penciling pages for Intermezzo 13... Kind of a routine.  Haven't made it to many shows lately, the last one I went to in Charlotte was very good.  They extended the hours, but I had to leave early.  I had a four hour drive and real world work the next morning.  Stupid real world.

There was a convention in Raleigh that I didn't go set up for.  It was my birthday so I spent it with my wife Wendy.  We went to the con as actual customers, then went to a few other places, out to eat; just a relaxing day together.  There is nothing I like more than a road trip together.

Coming up on Sept 5th is a con in Winston Salem, my first in about a month (to set up for).  Have a lot of new cards and sketches. 

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