Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Drawing table bound

I am working hard to complete issue 12 of Intermezzo so I can have it by Heroescon.  For quite some time I have been committing a lot of time to sketches and art prints.  They do well at conventions, and definitely help make ends meet at a show.  But it has taken a lot if time away from the reason I do this; Intermezzo.
It's a paradox.
But 12 is close (not as close as I would like) and I am getting that rush of creative excitement to get it out there.  Wendy (my wife and editor) says it's the best issue since number one;  I would agree, things have kicked into gear.
I've added some combo deals which have increased sales of my comics.  I've been very pleased over the last few shows.

If at all possible issue 12 will be finished in a few weeks.  Don't hold me to that.  Wait... Do hold me to that.  Don't let me have an excuse.  My fans have been asking for issue 12 (you know, all 4 of my fans).

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