Monday, April 7, 2014

Post show and next show

LexingCon went very well, especially for a first time show.  They had a very good turnout, a very enthusiastic crowd.  They had several events throughout the day (which at times made speaking with the people at my table more difficult, the only negative) and it ran very smoothly.  It was great to go to my hometown for a comic book convention, and to go to the YMCA which I have been to as a kid.  I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed that there were no costumes of the Village People, but Oh well.

This weekend I am doing another convention, this one in Charlotte, and I have done this one several times before and always have a good time.  I have been doing a lot of conventions lately, it seems to be a good thing.  But after the Richmond show at the end of this month I will have a break (also Wendy will be glad to have me home for an uninterrupted time).

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