Thursday, September 12, 2013

Update and stuff

So I have the lettering for issue 10 done, the pencils for the cover done (the third in the bear head silhouette covers), and I am working on a page for a DC Comics contest.  Its a Harley Quinn Contest that has stirred up a bit of controversy among the comic community (but completely unnoticed by anyone else, like most comic book controversies that don't involve Ben Affleck).

Add that to a lot  of sketches that I have been drawing lately (and I mean a LOT, I need a portfolio just for displaying sketches now) and it looks like I have been pretty busy.

If I ever get to another comic show I am ready.  I have a couple I am looking into, and others I am missing because of work (Rassa Frassa frassa).  The next one I have actually scheduled is NCComicon in November.

I have missed far too many shows this year, I need my comic geek fix.  And issue 10 is too far from being finished to appease the obsession.

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