Saturday, August 3, 2013

Picture of Huh

Huh is a cosmic Polar bear Superhero that I created in 1990 (way back when I was a youngster).  I was waiting in a line for a few hours very early in the morning.  In that sleep deprived state I saw a face in the pattern of the concrete.  I thought "Hey, that looks like a bear's face.  But wearing a mask."

The cartoon light bulb went off over my head and Huh was born.  He went through a few changes, originally I envisioned him as green, but he has played a part in all the iNTERMEZZO stories.  Originally the comic started with him and his origin and went from there.  It changed a bit and began his story in issue 7 (after the Alleviators introduction), but he is still a focal point to the book.  I've got big plans for that bear.

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