Saturday, February 16, 2013


I try not to go on about this, when you are writing a comic book that is supposed to be funny you try to keep it light.  But the reason I self publish my comic is really that I can not stop.  It has been such an integral part of my life, putting these stories together, creating characters, and drawing and sketching these ideas that I can't stop doing it.  That doesn't sound so bad, having comic book stories stuck in your head all the time.  It probably doesn't help me be a productive adult (my apologies to my wife Wendy) and it can be very discouraging.

The fundamental difference with me and someone who is not obsessed with creating comics is simple, they get more relaxing daydreams while I keep thinking about what should happen next and what I should be working on.  But there is a more subtle difference as well that I forget a lot.

No one else takes this seriously. I obsess over this and always try to come up with stories, or ways to try and get people to check out my stories (try to, I need help with that part), but for everyone else it is unimportant.They go on with no thought for it and don't even remember it (friends, family, random aquaintences, whoever).  The perspective is so different.  For me this is vital, but for them it is trivial.

So, not to be ill tempered about it (it just is what it is), I have to try and keep it in perspective.  So I try not to talk about it as much as I think about it, and I try to give them a break and not expect them to be interested if they're not.

Sometimes it feels so crowded in my head, but sometimes it is very lonely.

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