Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Charlotte Comicon

Dec 16th is my next convention.  I have attended this show in Charlotte many times.  Rick Fortenberry puts on a great show and has a lot of artists in attendance.  I missed his last show because of work, and it was moved to a new location.  When I see the list of dealers set up at this show, it seems huge, like it has possibly doubled.  It sounds like this change of venue, is the first step of this show really expanding and growing.  It couldn't happen to a better show, I always enjoy going and my main goal is trying to make more money than I spend (a goal which I usually fail).

I will definitely be there, my friend Jeff is set up as a dealer so we will be driving down together.  I have my homeless superhero sketches, lots of copies of iNTERMEZZO 1-8, Dyslexic Cosmic, and my Geek things print which has shown to be pretty popular.

It also falls on the last day of my vacation, which is a good way to finish.  Several days off, hanging with my wife.  Celebrating our 18th anniversary, working on iNTERMEZZO issue 9, and then a comic book convention.  That is a perfect vacation for me.

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