Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have needed to post for quite a while, but haven't because I wanted to be able to post that issue 7 had been sent to Ka-Blam for printing. The reason I can't say that is that it is not true. Once again I cannot get this done and I am royally pissed! I bought a new scanner and photoshop program to work with the new computer and once again I can't get it together! They won't work together or talk to each other, and it will freeze entirely. One problem always leads to another.

I am feeling about as low as I have in the three years since I started publishing Bear Butt Comics. I wonder if I should just give up. I am obviously not good at this, nobody fucking cares about this but me. Its not like anyone even reads this anyway.

All I wanted to to tell my little stories, draw some pictures, and put it into a format that I have loved my entire life. The fact that I am unable to do what should be a simple thing is just screaming at me that I need to just quit.

Who am I kidding?

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