Monday, June 6, 2011

Heroescon, the aftermath

Had a rough show, there I said it. Ok, the words i've used has been "collosal failure." Most people would say to try to "look on the bright side" and a lot of the time I do. But I also feel I need to be honest on this blog (even if I'm not sure anyone is reading it). Let's just say I am shaken by this. I have had bad shows before, everyone has. But this one has me thinking I need to re-evaluate a lot of things.

To look on the bright side, if you bought a copy of Intermezzo or Dyslexic Cosmic (on its debut show) I will be sure to remember you if you drop me an email. See, I can be optimistic. Because i know i can't quit. It may be a stupid dream, but its the one I got.

I will get to work on finishing issue 7 of Intermezzo tomorrow. No rest for the stupid.

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