Monday, December 28, 2009

New years

Leaving for New York City in the morning so i wanted to post this before I go. I just attended another of the Charlotte Comic Con shows on Sunday. Rick Fortenberry puts on a good show and is a very good guy.

While there I talked with other artists. I met a guy who told me that he has had the idea he is working on for sixteen years and is working on issue one. I said not to feel bad, I've had intermezzo in my head for 18 years and I just finished issue four. The reason I am sharing this is to tell anyone reading this (as if anyone reads this) to just stop thinking about, talking about, drawing pictures that you show to no one, and just start really doing comics. Stop getting ready to do... and just do. Don't be me (the guy who wishes he had started 15 years ago, and thinks how many issues he would have finished by now). Just wanted to pass that along.

On another note, Wendy (my loving and oh so patient wife) are leaving for New York City in the morning. Partially for New Years but mostly for our 15 year anniversary. Beena while and I'm really looking forward to it.

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