Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Deadlines and issue 12.

I am still working I completing issue 12, I am well into inking the issue.  Having it completed and printed by Heroescon is still the goal.

I have a few conventions between now and Heroescon but I am taking a drafting board and pens with me to ink at the show.  That works fine, but at the Winston Salem convention last Saturday, it was so busy I didn't get a lot done.  That's kind of a good problem to have.

This Sunday is Charlotte and next Saturday is Richmond.  Hope to see a lot of people there.

And if you come up to me at a show, act like a secret agent giving the password and say "the platypus flies at midnight" you win a prize.  I mean a prize other than me laughing like an idiot, but you'll get that too.

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