Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Busy weekend

On the road a lot this past weekend.  I attended JayandEddies Comic Book show in Winston Salem,NC.  That was a fun show.  Got to spend some time with family beforehand, and then had a good day at the show.  I know a lot of people there, because I have done a bunch of cons in Winston (conventions, not convicts; that sounded dirty but wasn't).

Then on Sunday my wife and I went to Charlotte with 2 friends to see Adam West and Burt Ward.  Mad Monster Party is mostly a horror Con, but they had Batman and Robin there!  So we got to talk to them(quite a bit really, not like the rush job you usually get).  We got autographs and a picture made.  It was fantastic!  Add to that seeing a couple of artists I know and I was thrilled.
Tired, but thrilled.

John Hairston is one of those artists, if you don't know his work, you should check it out.  Matthew Smith was the other, his graphic novel Bee Sting was adapted into a horror movie and played as part of the film festival.  Really impressive.

Busy weekend, but fun.  It was a great time.  Now, back to work (sigh).

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