Sunday, January 26, 2014

Charlotte "Mini" Con

Ok first of all, let me just get this straight... The people in charge of this show (Shelton Drum of Heroes Are Hard to Find and his staff) are lying to you and me.  They called this a MINI Con, and that is a bold face lie. This was huge, it was a big, full space of dealers that covered a gym floor, and stretched out into the hallways and completely filled the upstairs as well.

I show up thinking it was a MiniCon and we get wall to wall people all day long and a place so big that is stuffed full of people and dealers that I didn't have the time to look around at all.

I had a great show, talked with a lot of people (some I knew, and some I didn't), sold some prints and some comics. I came out of there just completely exhausted.  This, plus the last few other shows I have done in Charlotte have really made me a fan of that town.  People I recognize from other shows, and people who recognize me is a regular happening. 

I love getting the time to go to a comic book show and this one, really charged me up for the next one, wherever that may be (more to come on that).

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