Monday, December 16, 2013

Charlotte Comicon Post Show

Had a great overall weekend. Missed Wendy and didn't get much sleep, but I got to see a new comic book store in my hometown Lexington, NC.  There hasn't been one of those in years.  I stopped by and talked to them; nice guys. I also dropped off a couple issues of iNTERMEZZO. The place is called Top Hat Comics, and has some cool unique stuff.

Visited with my Mom, had a good night together and then on to the comic show.

Charlotte Comicon is called "The biggest one day comic show." I don't know if that is technically true or not, but it is very big.  Met a lot of people and sold more comics than anything else (that always makes me happy).  A couple who bought issues 1-3 in my last show in Winston Salem were there and they bought 4-9 and talked for quite a while. There names are Bobby and Suzanne (I think, I told them I am bad with names).  I always like Rick Fortenberry's shows. I also got to see Jay and Eddie, who put on the last show I did.  Sheltron Drum, who puts on Heroescon. Waki (John Wycough Who is just fun to be around, and meet some new people.  Just what a comic book show should be.

I reserved a space for a minicon in Charlotte on Jan 25th.  That means I will be in Wilkesboro on the 18th and in Charlotte on the 25th that month.  Started looking into setting my calendar early and try to plan ahead.

Oh, and I put some new pics up of costumes that I saw at the show.  Lots of fun stuff there.

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  1. Thanks for the mention (Wilkes Mini Con). We're looking forward to having you out here!