Friday, December 7, 2012


I have one more day of work on Sunday, then I have my week's vacation.  I am really jonesing for this, I have several ideas that are jockying for position to get done first.  Issue 9 is very close to being done and Huh the Cosmic Polar Bear kicks his story up a notch, that uses artwork created almost 10 years ago.  So that is cool (for me at least) to see the two styles side by side.

Dyslexic Cosmic 2 is underway and the end is close (close enough to distract me from #9).

And a new story is written and I hope to start on art soon, but I want to finish those two first.  And then there is an art print that I want to start, a prose story that has piqued my interest, and a board game (yes a board game).  That's not even all of them.  Throw in the fact that I am directing a children's theatre production of School House Rock Live Too!  and I have a lot of things I would like to spend my time doing.

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