Monday, December 3, 2012

Disappointing show

So the Raliegh show was a bit of a dud.  The people there were fine, you're average assortment, but there were very few of them there.  Turnout was very disappointing for a Raliegh show.  All of the other dealers around, I was the only artist set up, were talking about how slow the day was too.  It was so slow in the afternoon that the dealers would just yell conversations across the room to each other.

But... I've been to disappointing shows before.  It is after a good streak of satisfying shows this year. I haven't made it to many this year, but they have been good.  I hope to continue the good streak, one more show in Charlotte on Dec 16th and it is almost always a good one.  The Charlotte comicon has even moved to a new location, which is good because they have been very crowded the last few times.

As always "Any day at a comic convention > Any day at work"

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