Saturday, August 14, 2010

update- whats coming up, what Im doing

Less than three weeks to Dragoncon! Woohoo!
Less than two weeks to Baltimore Comicon. Also Woohoo! Haven't been there before, Stacey went last year and had a good show. My schedule allowed it this year, so i am looking forward to it.

I am working away on issue 6. Pencils are done. I am inking the cover right now, i think it is my favorite. I still have the painting to do, but I think it is really fun.

I am almost finished reading Deaththreats, a book about Drew Hayes. If you don't know his work, you should. He was a self publisher who signed with Sirius in the 90s who wrote and drew a book called Poison Elves. One of the things that really made him stand out was his opening comments and letters page (called Deaththreats) where he opened himself to his very core for his readers. Historical Perspective: this was before every yahoo with a blog was doing the same thing. He exposed his depression, relationships, fear of intimacy, everything uncensored. I often think of what he did, relating to readers in the same way, but these days its commonplace. Its a shame.

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