Sunday, August 1, 2010

A little discouraged

I went to the Charlotte Comicon today. I've been to that show three or four times now. Nice people run it, and it's a good show. Toaday went about like they all have, good crowds for a lot of the show and a little sparce here and there. But for reasons i don't know, this show was... in the terms of... ok, fine, here it is.

I don't usually discuss the specifics or money (I find it in bad taste), but I sold almost nothing at this show. There, i said it. It's a very discouraging feeling to sit at a table for that long and to get so few takers. And its not about the money, its about finding new readers. And after a day like today, I wonder if I will ever find them.

I also usually try to stay positive on this blog, but in the interest of being honest i decided to write what i was feeling today. I'm not planning on dwelling on it, but there it is.

I hope to move on to things that will raise my spirits. Baltimore Comicon is coming up at the end of August. At least this way, I don't have my hopes up too high. Does that count as a positive?

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