Sunday, May 15, 2016

DJs at comic book conventions

I was at a comic book convention yesterday (What?  Really?  Who would've thought?).  This was a relatively small show in Greensboro, not that big of a space and not too many people there, but no big deal.  The issue I had with the show, was the DJ.

As everyone was setting up, the music was at a good level and everyone could talk.  But after the show started the room started to get louder (as they do when you get people talking and having a good time).  Then the DJ made the music louder so it could be heard over the crowd... so the crowd has to scream at each other to be heard... so the music had to go louder for it to be heard.

My wife and I were set next to the DJ, so we had to scream in each other's ear or text to communicate most of the day.  We had a comic collection to sell and that was pretty self explanatory, we had signs with the prices listed and price tags on anything special.  I couldn't explain my comic book to anyone, so while we did ok with the comics, I sold next to nothing from my artist stuff and I imagine it was no better for other artists.

Artists have to be able to speak to con-goers.  Answer questions, explain our work.  I was at the opposite side of the room and couldn't have a conversation because the music was so loud.  I personally do not see the need for DJs at a con, but they like for it to be a party atmosphere, so I understand why they do.  But the day will (hopefully) get to the point where the music will be overpowered by the noise of the convention.

It brings about a question that needs to be addressed before the show.  Do you want a comic book convention or a performance for your DJ?

I guess the third option is for me to be "that guy" who complains about it and get told I'm too old or no fun.  But I can listen to music anytime, I am at your event to promote my comic and artwork.

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