Monday, April 28, 2014

The nicest rejection or the harshest praise

So I went with Wendy to the VA Comicon yesterday.  First the location on Facebook, when you clicked on it gave you directions to a location that they use for other shows, but not this one.  So we were late getting there and setting up, and I hate that (Well, the doors had just opened when we started getting things on the table, later than I like).  So I was grumpy to start with, but being at a comic book show will always help that.

  But the show itself had some of the most complimentary people I have ever seen.  They talked a lot about how they liked this, or how funny that is, etc.  Then they would walk away.  Not buy anything, but tell you how great they think it is.  So on one hand, it is very nice to hear these things, but it is very perplexing and discouraging for so few people to actually give something a try.

So, it wasn't a good day for me.  Big deal, I have had that before, I have had worse before.  I probably will have again, that's just what I have learned.

Wendy pointed out that most of the people walking around weren't carrying a lot of stuff.  So maybe it was a little off for everyone.

But, I got to have a road trip with Wendy, and that is always good.

So next up will be a break for the month of May, because there have been a lot of shows lately.  And I will take the time to really get ready for Heroescon in Charlotte.  What will I do with that time?  I have no idea.  Let's find out.

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  1. Good to hear the positive responses, though. I get that feeling sometimes too because we'll have people laughing and pointing out all of our stuff then they just walk away. Most even seem off-put when you hand them the business card/flyer to check out your stuff online. I guess I'd rather that instead of having them not react to our stuff and also not buy anything. That'd be a cruddy day.