Friday, March 28, 2014

Roanoke Valley Comicon

I have been doing these shows for a few years now (comic book conventions in general in general, but the Roanoke Valley Comicon in particular).  I have seen these shows grow and expand, and I have gotten a lot of comics into people's hands.  It has its high points and low points, but it feels good to put these ideas into comic book form instead of just letting them run around in my head.  I hope if you are reading this, then you have given one of my "Sequential art daydreams" a try.  If not please do (you go to, and search for Intermezzo, Dyslexic Cosmic, or Journey of Brave Ulysses), and I hope to see you at a show where you can pick one up and try it out.

This Saturday at Roanoke for instance.
Oh, and I do have copies of the new issue 10 for sale, but only a few left.

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