Monday, September 23, 2013


So lately I have been posting a lot of Daily Sketches. 
There were a couple of reasons; I have been doing a lot of sketches and I wanted to start posting more of my non comic pages because I thought some of them were pretty good,
 and also because after numerous times of problems with my scanner I thought that if I used it everyday it would not go out again. 
That would have been an incorrect assumption.  The scanner is out again.  I am so sick of this.  I went into the living room after it has happened again and my wife asked me straight away "Something wrong with the scanner?"  Apparently I have a scanner face.

I will work on it again tonight and try to resume the daily sketches.

On a non related but also irritating note, there is a comic show in Winston Salem this Sunday that I couldn't get a table for because I had to work.  I tried to get someone to switch days so I could make it but no one did, until last week when someone had something they needed a day off for and we swapped days.  But by then, the show was sold out, so I still can't make it.  Hopefully I can add something soon; if not my next show isn't until NCComicon in Nov.

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