Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The new years optimism

I've had a overall good year for 2012.  On the bad side I did not get to do as many shows as I was hoping (because of my real world work schedule, which I try not to get into), several things popped up to get in the way of working on iNTERMEZZO. I missed Heroescon which really hits home.  That was the first show I went to as a fan, and the first big show I set up at as an artist.   And I never sell as many comics as I hope (I want to sell out of everything at every single show, so its hard to be happy with a realistic goal).

But the good news of 2012, the shows i went to were good shows, and I did better at them on average than any previous year (so maybe I am getting better at this).  Including NC Comicon which was the best show for me yet. Put out some comics, and have made great progress on several others and other ideas as well.  I think creatively I am doing more and gearing toward the future. 

Here's to more progress in 2013.

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