Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good day after a bad week

Had a great day at the comic convention in Roanoke VA yesterday. Got to meet a lot of nice, friendly people and get some copies of comics into new readers hands as well as return readers. I left just feeling great about the trip and hoping they will enjoy the books and check out the others.

It makes me even more anxious to get #7 to the printer, but there are still scanner issues that will make the book look worse than I would like for it. I am proud of that issue and I want it to look its best. I scanned the entire thing, but then found that i wasted my time. It was part of a very bad week for me.
The biggest part of that bad week is due to a contest that I entered. Stan Lee and MTV had a contest to find an artist and a writer for a new comic book they are going to launch. I found it on Stan Lee's facebook, so I entered as a writer which I think is my strength. I saw other posts on his facebook about it and was waiting to see if I made the semi finals. After I got impatient about it I searched MTV's site to look for the timeline on it. I found a post announcing the semifinalists that wasn't on Stan's facebook. I looked at the post and FOUND MY NAME! I was picked as a semifinalist with a chance to win a job writing a comic by Stan Lee! And on that same page was an announcement that voting was closed.
It came and went, and I missed it. The chance of a lifetime. An opportunity that I never even dreamed of, because I never thought it could be an option... and I missed it. I couldn't vote for it, I couldn't pester everyone I know to vote for it. That was very disheartening for me. The joy that i was picked was eclipsed by the opportunity that was lost. Everyone else keeps trying to focus on the bright side, but I am not there yet.

So after that, i needed a good day with a comic show, and I got that at Roanoke. And for everyone who is willing to try my comics, I can only give my greatest thanks. I know that in these hard times there are several things I want to read but don't, so the fact that people are willing to put money down and try Intermezzo or Dyslexic Cosmic is very satisfying. Thank you ll who have tried it.

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